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Spanish Word: enteramente

English Translation: entirely

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  enternecido,enternecida - moved, deeply affected
  entero,entera - entire, whole
  entiende - pres. of [entender]
  entierro - burial; see [sardina]
  entonces - then, thereupon
  entrada - entrance, admission; coming
  entre - between, among
  entreabierto,entreabierta - half-open
  epitafio - epitaph
  epiteto - epithet
  época - epoch, period, time
  equivaldrá - fut. of [equivaler]
  era - past descr. of [ser]
  era - era
  eres - pres. indic. of [ser]
  error - error, mistake
  erudito,erudita - learned
  es - pres. 3 sing. of [ser]
  escabeche - pickle, brine
  escalera - stairs

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