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Although we do everything we can to make learning Spanish fun, we take Spanish for children very seriously. Exposing a child to a second language allows him or her to optimize their learning potential. Standardized testing has shown that Elementary students who studied a foreign language scored higher on tests in reading, math, and language arts.

Young children are ideally suited to learn a second language - cognitively, it as easy as learning a first language. Children who have learned a foreign language show greater cognitive development in mental flexibility, creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving. Our Spanish for Kids resources provide everything a child needs to quickly learn Spanish, including over 100 Spanish games to make studying Spanish fun! Also, be certain to check out our Spanish for preschoolers!

Learning Spanish for kids can be approached in many different ways as opposed to learning math, which must be done through working math problems. This ability to learn in a variety of ways allows us to create a variety of resources that teach in multiple ways. Spanish for children introduces Spanish in a way that kids will truly enjoy.

Our free Spanish lessons for kids, which were developed exclusively for the Spanish for Children section of our website, teach basic conversational Spanish. If you are a new Spanish student, and you are not a kid, then you will benefit more from our Spanish for Beginners - Spanish 101 course.

In comparison to monolinguals, children who speak both Spanish and English have been shown to have sharper memories and better listening skills. Our Spanish lessons for children will significantly improve your child's cognitive abilities and provide numerous personal benefits. You don't need to wait until your children are older, our Spanish for Preschoolers is the perfect way for them to start learning today! We also offer Spanish for toddlers!

All our Learning Spanish for Kids resources incorporate the multi-sensory cognitive learning theory, developed by a Carnegie-Mellon University researcher, for faster and deeper learning. Although our Learning Spanish for Children section is child's play, it can change your child's life in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

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Popular Phrase: poner spanish verb | Conjugated Verb: absolver - to acquit, to absolve [ click for full conjugation ]