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On this page you will find videos of children's short stories in Spanish! These videos include Listening Activities, some with the Spanish transcript, English translation, and questions which will test your understanding of the short story. Answers are provided so that you can track your progress.

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What does it mean to be alive? Throughout history, all cultures have searched to understand life. Our life experiences all occur on a purely physical plane and usually within a society with many rules and beliefs. The characters in fables often venture outside of society. They travel into into the dark forest, as in the case of Little Red Riding Hood. Some characters enter into the world of fire, seeking an original experience. Original experience has not been interpreted for you, and so you’ve got to work out your life for yourself - this can generate a lot of classroom discussion. During all of this discussion, the children will not even realize that have learned the proper pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet!

Students enter the classroom with a variety of experiences and circumstances, yet each student is expected to overcome these differences and meet the education objectives established by society. Students need help to transcend this wide range of socio-economic, cultural, and family circumstances if they are to succeed in school. Children don’t have to go far off the beaten path to find themselves in challenging situations. Many children are born into difficult family circumstances. Fables help these children discover within themselves the courage to face the trials. Fables provide and entirely new range of possibilities. A mouse will never be strong enough to fight a lion, but if he makes friends with the lion be helping him, he may never need to fight the lion. In fact, the mouse will have a powerful ally if he is ever threatened! Through use children’s literature, such as the fables presented above, teachers can enable individual students to transcend their own challenges, and teach students to consider all viewpoints, respect differences, and become more self-aware. Discussing similarities and differences when reading fairy tales, folklore and fables from around the world encourages kids to focus on the details and hone their critical thinking skills.

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Popular Phrase: ver mandatos | Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation | Conjugated Verb: debitar - to debit [ click for full conjugation ]