How to say "hello" and "goodbye" in Spanish  

Spanish Grammar Saying Hello - Spanish Introductions

Most people thank that to say "hello" in Spanish, one just needs to say "hola". Saying "hola" is actually not the same as saying "hello", it is the same as saying "hi". So how does one say "hello" in Spanish? There are many different ways to say hello in Spanish, just as there are in English.

It is fun to learn to say hello in Spanish! The lessons below will not only teach you how to say "hello in Spanish" and "goodbye in Spanish", they will also teach you how to talk about yourself, where you are from, and how to speak in a gentle and socially appealing manner. As with all the sections in this course, this section begins with basic lessons and continues to more advanced lessons. Don't try to learn everything at once!

Salutations like “good afternoon” are very important in Spanish culture. The Spanish culture is warmer than American culture and greeting another person is a symbolic way to express respect. The Spanish kiss while greeting and one is expected to greet and kiss each person individually, even if there is a group of people. If you’re walking down the hall and pass a group of three people, you’ll have to greet and kiss three times!

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