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Me lastimé los dedos del pie.
I injured my toes.
Me he lastimado ambos hombros.
I have injured both shoulders.
Me lastimé las manos.
I injured my hands.
Me lastimé el pie.
I injured my foot.
Me lastimé ambas piernas.
I injured both legs.
Me lastimé ambas rodillas.
I injured both knees.
Sara se lastimó la espalda ayer.
Sara hurt her back yesterday.
¿Cómo te lastimaste la espalda?
How did you hurt your back?
Ella se llastimó la rodilla jugando fútbol.
She hurt her knee playing soccer.
Sí, me caí y me lastimé la rodilla.
Yes, I fell and hurt my knee.
¿Te lastimaste?
Did you hurt yourself?
Pedro se lastimó el hombro.
Pedro hurt his shoulder.

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