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En el invierno nieva mucho.
In the winter it snows a lot.
Nieva muy poquito en marzo.
It snows very little in March.
Va a nevar.
It's going to snow.
it's snowing
¡Mira! ¡Está nevando!
Look! It is snowing!
Aquí nunca nieva.
It never snows here.
Nieva mucho en Minnesota.
It snows a lot in Minnesota.
Se suponía que iba a nevar hoy.
It was supposed to snow today.
Nevó durante la noche.
It snowed during the night.
Nevó durante la noche.
It snowed during the night.
Ha estado nevando durante dos horas.
It has been snowing for two hours.
Ojalá nieve mañana.
I wish that it would snow tomorrow.

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