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Nosotros intentamos someter cada producto a una prueba rigurosa.
We attempt to put every product through rigorous testing.
Yo no tiro nada, intento aprovecharlo todo.
I don't throw anything away, I try to make use of everything.
¿Intentaste entablar conversación ?
Did you try to start a conversation?
¿Intentabas tocar la colmena sin llevar protección?
Were you trying to touch the hive without wearing protection?
Vamos a internarlo en la unidad de cuidados intensivos.
We're going to admit you to the intensive care unit.
Llámame e intentamos buscar un hueco para ir a tomar un café y charlar con más tranquilad.
Call me and we'll try to find time to have coffee and talk with more time.
¿Lo trataste de reparar? No, aún no intenté porque no sé nada de carros.
Did you try to fix it? No, I didn’t even try because I don’t know anything about cars.
Ustedes intentan comprender el texto español.
You all try to understand the Spanish text.
¿Lo tratarás de llevar al médico? Sí, intentaré pero no sé que el médico pueda verlo.
Will you try to take him to the doctor? Yes, I will try but I don’t know if the doctor can see him.
Le pedía que intentara comprender directamente el texto español.
I was asking him to try to directly understand the Spanish text.
Al llegar, intentaron reducir a los ladrones y entablaron un forcejeo con los mismos
Upon arriving, they tried to arrest the thieves and they started struggling with them
Lo intentaré por si acaso.
I will try it just in case.
He intentado ligar con ella, pero no hay manera.
I tried to flirt with her, but nothing works.
No te estarás intentando pasar de lista, ¿no?
You're not trying to take advantage, are you?
Detrás de esas montañas hay un lago muy bonito, ¡podemos intentar llegar y darnos un baño!
Behind these mountains there is a very beautiful lake, we can try to reach it and go for a swim!
Intentó arrancar el coche otra vez.
He tried to start the car again.
¿Han intentado minimizar los riesgos al máximo?
Have they tried to maximize the minimization of risk?
¿Intentarás meter la bola de un solo tiro?
Will you intend to get a hole in one?
Podría intentar conseguir juntar 4 reyes.
I could try to put 4 kings together.
¿Intentarás verificarlo antes de darlo por sentado?
Will you try to verify it before making any assumptions?
¿Intentas hacerlo más grande?
Are you trying to make it bigger?
El intentó evitar el accidente.
He tried to avoid the accident.
No sabía que el Quijote intentaba luchar contra molinos.
I didn't know that Quijote tried to fight against windmills.
El siempre intenta burlar las reglas del juego.
He always tries to get around the rules of the game.
¿Cómo intentarás ayudar al pueblo africano?
How do you try to help the African people?
Los sucesivos gobiernos intentaron hacer progresar el país.
The successive government tried to make progress in the country.
¡Inténtalo otra vez!
Try again!
¿Has intentado hablarle?
Have you tried talking to her?
Es todo un reto personal intentar superarme.
It's a personal challenge to try to exceed myself.
Aun así la mayoría intenta sobrevivir con 1 dólar diario.
Even so the majority survive on less than a dollar every day.
Espero que ellos intenten porque será mi cumpleaños.
I hope they will try because it will be my birthday.
¿Por qué no intentas ser más original?
Why don't you try to be more original?
No intento defender ni justificar lo que hacen.
I'm not trying to defend or justify what they're doing.
Intenta atraparla cuando esté en el aire.
Try to catch it while it's in the air.
Intenta evitar cocciones grasientas.
She tries to avoid oily cooking.
Intentó fugarse en cinco ocasiones.
She tried to escape on five occasions.
No vayas a intentar leer, reposa la vista.
Don’t try to read, you should rest your eyes.
Deberíamos intentar evitarlo.
We should endeavour to leave this behind.
Dichos planes deben intentar:
These plans must seek to:
No obstante, lo volveré a intentar.
However, I shall have another go.
Debemos intentar resolver esto.
We should try to deal with that.
Lo vamos a intentar.
We will make an attempt at it.
No debemos intentar hacerlo todo.
We should not try and do everything.
Lo voy a intentar.
I will try to do this now.
Voy a intentar explicarme mejor.
I will try to explain that better.
Debemos intentar convencerle.
We must try to convince them.
Intentar armonizarlo es una proeza.
To try to harmonise them is an heroic quest.
La Comisión no debería intentar establecerla.
The Commission should not be attempting to make it.
Voy a intentar hacer algunos comentarios.
I shall try to make a few comments.
No obstante, siempre podemos intentar mejorar.
However, one can always seek improvements.
Voy a intentar ir al grano.
I will endeavour to go straight to the point.
Debemos intentar elegir ambos caminos.
We shall try to choose both routes.
Debemos intentar proponer soluciones factibles.
We should try to propose workable solutions.
Voy a intentar aclarar este punto.
Let me try and clarify.
Permítannos intentar disipar sus temores.
Let us see if we can satisfy their concerns.
No debemos intentar ocultar lo inocultable.
We must not try and hide behind our finger.
Ahora permítanme intentar responder a ellas.
Let me try to respond to them.
Voy a intentar explicar los motivos.
I shall try to explain this a little further.
No debemos intentar detener esos cambios.
We should not seek to stop those changes.
No debemos intentar armonizar por armonizar.
We should not try to harmonize things for the sake of harmonization.
Permítaseme intentar aclarar también eso.
Let me try to make that clear as well.
Creo que se puede intentar.
I do think that we can try.
Señor Presidente, ¿puedo intentar ayudar?
Mr President, may I try to help out here?
Voy a intentar explicarlo de nuevo.
I will try to explain it again.
Ahora debemos intentar avanzar, intentar no vacilar e intentar seguir trabajando en esa dirección.
We must now try to move on, try not to falter and try to continue working in that direction.
Por ello debemos intentar modernizar las flotas.
We must therefore try to ensure that aircraft are modernised.
Deberíamos intentar llevar a cabo la revolución institucional.
But we should try for institutional revolution.
Señor Presidente, voy a intentar respetar el horario.
Madam President, I will try and keep to the timetable.
Es algo que cualquiera puede intentar.
It is something anybody can try.
¿Cómo podemos intentar resolver la situación?
How can we try to resolve the situation?
No deberíamos intentar una percepción retrospectiva equilibrada.
We should not be attempting 20:20 hindsight.
No ha sido fácil intentar compaginar las tres.
It has not been easy trying to put those three together.
Debemos intentar hacerlo lo mejor posible.
We must try to do the best we can here.
Este año, queremos intentar evitar esta situación.
We want to try to avoid this state of affairs this year.
Por ello quiero intentar aclarar un malentendido.
This is where I want to attempt to clear up a misunderstanding.
Solo podemos intentar adivinar cuáles son.
We can only try to guess at these.
Eso es lo que vamos a intentar hacer.
That is what we are going to try to do.
Debemos aprender la lección e intentar avanzar.
We must learn from the lessons and try to move on.
Tenemos que intentar encontrar otra herramienta.
We have to try to find another tool.
   Vamos a intentar que el Consejo esté aquí.
   We will try to ensure that the Council is here.
Debemos intentar avanzar en esta dirección.
That is the direction in which we must try to move.
Por eso me complace intentar responder a su pregunta.
I am therefore delighted to try to answer your question.
Debemos intentar crear un mercado interior.
We must see to it that we create an internal market.
Pueden intentar ver lo que sucede entonces.
They can look again to see what is happening.
Deberíamos intentar tomar decisiones de forma conjunta.
We should also attempt to come to decisions together.
No merece la pena intentar clasificar el dolor.
It is not worth trying to rank grievances.
De manera que vamos a intentar algunas clarificaciones.
We are therefore going to try to clarify a few things.

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