Spanish Word for anything  

English Word: anything

Spanish Word: cualquier cosa, nada
The Spanish Word for anything
Now you know how to say anything in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'anything'
No, I haven't read anything.
No, no he leído nada.
Don't bring anything please.
No traigas nada por favor.
I don't think there is anything broken.
Me parece que no hay nada roto.
You don't owe me anything.
No me debes nada.
I haven't done anything wrong.
No he hecho nada malo.
Don't explain anything else to me.
No me expliques nada más.
Did you all see anything else? No, we did not see anything else.
¿Vieron ustedes algo más? No, no vimos nada más.
I don't hear anything.
No oigo nada.
Do you have something cheaper? (masculine)
¿Tiene algo más barato?
They didn't like anything.
A ellos no les gustó nada.
Delia didn't suggest anything.
Delia no propuso nada.
We didn't feeling like drinking anything.
No apetecía tomarnos algo.
No Sir, they didn´t tell me anything.
No señor, no me dijeron nada.
Something more? Anything else?
¿Algo más?
Anything else?
¿Algo más?
Have you learned anything in this course?
¿Han aprendido Uds. algo en este curso?
If you were Spanish, it would not cost you anything.
Si fuera española, no le costaría nada.
You are good for nothing.
No sirves para nada.
He doesn't say anything, and you, what do you say?
Él no dice nada, y tú, ¿qué dices?

It should be anything but that.
Eso no debería ocurrir.
We cannot do anything about that.
A este respecto no podemos hacer nada.
Who has anything against that?
¿Quién tiene algo que objetar?
It is anything but this at all.
Es cualquier cosa menos eso.
They are not doing anything.
No hacen nada en ese sentido.
We cannot do anything more for them.
No podemos hacer nada más por ellos.
And we do not have anything at all against this.
Nosotros tampoco tenemos nada que objetar contra ello.
Did we have anything to do with it?
¿Estamos aquí para algo?
What, if anything, has changed, and what, if anything, has improved?
¿Qué ha mejorado, qué ha cambiado?
So we are not asking for anything more, or anything better.
Por consiguiente, no se pide nada más ni nada mejor.
I do not believe that this has anything, anything at all to do with it.
Creo que esto no tiene nada que ver, nada que ver en absoluto.
We are not doing anything whatsoever about it.
Y no estamos haciendo nada.
It does not cost anything.
No cuesta nada.
That, if anything, is a success.
Esto sí que es un avance.
That is anything but sufficient.
Eso es totalmente insuficiente.
Is there anything you can do about this?
¿Puede hacer algo sobre esto?
It is anything but decentralisation.
Es cualquier cosa menos descentralización.
As if it legitimised anything!
Como si legitimara algo.
Why should it have to do anything else?
¿Por qué debería hacer ninguna otra cosa?
Do you know anything about it?
¿Sabe algo de esto?
If anything should be corrected it is this.
Si hay algo que deba corregirse, es eso.
I cannot do anything about it either!
No puedo hacer nada por evitarlo.
Are we to expect anything more?
¿Debemos esperar algo más?
It does not commit you to anything.
No compromete a nada.
We are not liberalising anything here.
Aquí no liberalizamos nada.
Does he have anything to say about that?
¿Tiene algo que decir al respecto?
Because we cannot do anything against their will.
Porque contra su voluntad no podemos hacer nada.
Is there anything left to do?
¿Queda algo por hacer?
It does have anything to do with camps.
No tiene nada que ver con los campos.
I do not have anything to add.
No tengo nada que añadir.
I have not heard anything about it.
No he oído nada al respecto.
You are not doing anything about this; you are doing the opposite.
Usted no hace nada al respecto; hace lo contrario.
You have not said anything about that.
No ha dicho usted nada al respecto.
You did not say anything about this.
Usted no ha dicho nada sobre este tema.
Are you doing anything to this end?
¿Están haciendo algo con este fin?
If anything, they have been reinforced by them.
En todo caso, más bien los han reforzado.
It is anything but angelic.
Es todo menos angelical.
Could we do anything here in Europe?
¿Europa puede hacer algo al respecto?
Does this mean then, that we cannot do anything?
Entonces, ¿eso quiere decir que no podemos hacer nada?
Because it does not cost anything.
Porque no cuesta nada.
And my answer to that is that we cannot do anything about this here.
Y mi respuesta es que no podemos hacer nada al respecto aquí.
Is there anything more cowardly?
¿Hay algo más cobarde?
Does that not tell you anything?
¿No significa eso nada para ustedes?
It is not about any link to anything.
Esto no tiene nada que ver con nada.
This is, if anything, an understatement.
Se trata, en cualquier caso, de una subestimación.
You have not said anything about this.
No ha dicho nada de esto.
Is there anything more ridiculous?
¿Hay algo más ridículo que eso?
He is not changing anything.
No cambia nada.
I am not avoiding anything.
No pretendo evitar el asunto.
It should be anything but rigid.
No debería ser un instrumento rígido.
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