Spanish Word for already  

English Word: already

Spanish Word: ya
The Spanish Word for already
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Translated sentences containing 'already'
You had already explained to your assistant how to operate that machine, hadn't you?
Tú ya le habías explicado a tu ayudante cómo manejar esa máquina, ¿no?
Did you already sign up for today?
¿Ya se apuntó para hoy?
It's possible that they've already arrived.
Es posible que ya hayan llegado.
Have you all already gone to Alfredo’s exhibition?
¿Han ido ya a la exhibición de Alfredo?
You already know that I don't like bullfighting.
(Usted) ya sabe que a mí no me gustan las corridas.
You already know how late it is.
Ya sabes lo tarde que es.
Already you're going back to your old ways.
Ya vuelves a las andadas.
You already know how pleasant he is.
Ya sabes lo simpática que es.
You already know how fast it is.
Ya sabes lo rápido que es.
This method was already used.
Este procedimiento ya fue utilizado.
Did you already meet my brother?
¿Ya conociste a mi hermano?
Have you already found what you lost?
¿Has encontrado ya lo que perdiste?
We have already said goodbye.
Ya nos hemos despedido.
Did you already wash this plate?
¿Ya lavaste este plato?
Did you already wash this bowl?
¿Ya lavaste este tazón?
Yes, they've already finished.
Si, ya acabaron.
We presumed that they had already left.
Presumiamos que se habian ido ya.
If we had worked efficiently in that project, we would have already finished.
Si hubiésemos trabajado eficientemente en ese proyecto, ya habríamos terminado.
We had already gone to bed when you called.
Ya nos habíamos acostado cuando llamaste.
Are all the copies sold out?
¿Se han agotado ya todos los ejemplares?

They are doing that already.
Ya están en ello.
It is not as if we did not already have that.
Por lo tanto, esto ya lo tenemos.
We already have an infrastructure.
Ya existe una infraestructura.
It should not duplicate what is already there.
La Carta debe completar aquello que ya tenemos. No debe ser una repetición.
But we have already said that.
Pero esto ya se ha dicho aquí.
All of them are already bilingual.
Todos ellos son ya bilingües.
That has already been said.
Esto se ha dicho ya.
There are plenty of those already.
De estos los hay a montones.
We have already had a discussion.
Ya hemos mantenido un debate.
We have already talked about this.
Ya hemos hablado al respecto.
Some have already referred to that.
Algunos ya han llamado la atención al respecto.
That has already been pointed out.
Ya se ha llamado la atención al respecto.
Volkswagen is already doing this.
Volkswagen ya lo está haciendo.
We have already done that.
Ya las hemos hecho.
Those issues are already there.
Estas cuestiones ya están ahí.
'We are already doing that,' I replied.
«Ya lo estamos haciendo», respondí.
Am I not already killing?
¿No estaré matando ya?
That too has already been mentioned.
También de esto ya se ha hablado.
That could already have happened.
Esto podría haber sucedido ya.
That has already been mentioned too.
Esto también se ha mencionado ya.
It has done so already.
Ya lo ha hecho.
This is already serious in itself.
Esto ya es grave de por sí.
This has already been achieved.
Esto ya se ha logrado.
I already have one for it.
Yo ya tengo un nombre para la lista.
I have spoken about that already.
Ya he hablado de ello.
We already have the answer.
Ya tenemos la respuesta.
This is already the case.
Esto ya es el caso.
This is already an achievement.
Esto ya supone un logro.
We already do that, but with very few resources.
Eso ya lo hacemos, pero con recursos muy escasos.
All that is already under way.
Todo esto ya está en curso.
We have seen that already.
Ya lo hemos visto.
In some States it is already.
En algunos países ya lo está.
It is already an embarrassment.
Ya ha generado confusión.
That has been said already.
Eso ya se ha dicho.
We know all of this already.
Todo esto ya lo sabemos.
All this has already been decided.
Todo lo anterior son decisiones que ya han sido tomadas.
These, too, have already been pointed out.
Éstos también se han señalado.
Some of them have already been aired.
Algunas ya se han expuesto.
They have already been born.
Ya han visto la luz.
We have already studied it.
Ya la hemos estudiado.
We have already talked about this.
Ya se ha dicho aquí.
That too is already in the offing.
Esto también está a la vista.
We already have a register.
Ya tenemos un registro.
If it was that simple, then we would already be doing it.
Si fuera tan sencillo, ya lo estaríamos haciendo.
We have already done all of this.
Ya hemos hecho todo esto.
So the link is already there.
Por tanto, la conexión se encuentra ya ahí.
We have already heard about all of this.
Ya lo hemos escuchado todo a este respecto.
I have already been to Sweden.
Ya he estado en Suecia.
All that is already in hand.
Y todo ello ya está en marcha.
If there were, I would already know.
Si algo de esto existiera, yo lo sabría.
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