Spanish Verb Conjugation - ocurrir  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: ocurrir
English Translation: to occur, happen
Notes: Regular. Note: Due to its meaning this verb almost aways occurs inthe thrid person singular or plural.


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present it occurs, is occurring ocurro ocurres ocurre ocurrimos ocurrís ocurren
Present Perfect it has occurred he ocurrido has ocurrido ha ocurrido hemos ocurrido habéis ocurrido han ocurrido
Imperfect it was occurring, used to occur, occurred ocurría ocurrías ocurría ocurríamos ocurríais ocurrían
Preterite it occurred ocurrí ocurriste ocurrió ocurrimos ocurristeis ocurrieron
Past Perfect - Pluperfect it had occurred había ocurrido habías ocurrido había ocurrido habíamos ocurrido habíais ocurrido habían ocurrido
Future it will occur ocurriré ocurrirás ocurrirá ocurriremos ocurriréis ocurrirán
Future Perfect it will have occurred habré ocurrido habrás ocurrido habrá ocurrido habremos ocurrido habréis ocurrido habrán ocurrido
Conditional it would occur ocurriría ocurrirías ocurriría ocurriríamos ocurriríais ocurrirían
Conditional Perfect it would have occurred habría ocurrido habrías ocurrido habría ocurrido habríamos ocurrido habríais ocurrido habrían ocurrido
Preterite Perfect it had occurred hube ocurrido hubiste ocurrido hubo ocurrido hubimos ocurrido hubisteis ocurrido hubieron ocurrido


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present it occurs, is occurring ocurra ocurras ocurra ocurramos ocurráis ocurran
Present Perfect it has occurred, occurred haya ocurrido hayas ocurrido haya ocurrido hayamos ocurrido hayáis ocurrido hayan ocurrido
Imperfect it occurred, was occurring ocurriera
Past Perfect - Pluperfect it had occurred hubiera ocurrido
hubiese ocurrido
hubieras ocurrido
hubieses ocurrido
hubiera ocurrido
hubiese ocurrido
hubiéramos ocurrido
hubiésemos ocurrido
hubierais ocurrido
hubieseis ocurrido
hubieran ocurrido
hubiesen ocurrido.
Future it will occur ocurriere ocurrieres ocurriere ocurriéremos ocurriereis ocurrieren
Future Perfect it will have occurred hubiere ocurrido hubieres ocurrido hubiere ocurrido hubiéremos ocurrido hubiereis ocurrido hubieren ocurrido


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Affirmative Imperative Occur!   ocurre ocurra   ocurrid ocurran
Negative Commands Don't occur!   no ocurras no ocurra   no ocurráis no ocurran

Other Forms

Present Participle occurring ocurriendo
Past Participle occurred ocurrido

Translated sentences containing 'ocurrir'

La muerte debió de ocurrir repentinamente.
Death must have occurred suddenly.
Sí, por favor, díganos qué le ocurre y ante todo, ¡tranquilícese!
Yes, please, tell us what's happening and above all, be quiet!
Se me acaba de ocurrir una idea.
I just got an idea.
¿Le ocurre algo ?
Is something wrong with him?
¿Se te ocurren ideas de regalos ?
Any gift ideas?
¿Se te ocurre algo más?
Can you think of anything else?
Usted quiso contarle lo que ocurrió.
You wanted to tell him what happened.
Adviértele a Gerardo de la reunión.
Inform Gerald of the meeting.
Hubiera debido simplemente callarse y todo esto no habría ocurrido.
He should have just been quiet and all this wouldn't have happened.
Yo vi como ocurrio.
I witnessed it happening.
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