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¿Cuál le apetece?
Which one do you fancy?
¿A tí te apetece ir al cine ?
Do you feel like going to the movies?
A ustedes les apetece dar un paseo.
You all feel like going for a walk.
¿Os apetecerá venir con nosotros ?
Will you all feel like coming with us?
No apetecía tomarnos algo.
We didn't feeling like drinking anything.
¡Hola Maribel ! ¿Te apetece que comamos juntas?, conozco una hamburguesería aquí cerca.
Hi, Maribel ! Would you like to have lunch together? I know a burger place close by.
A nosotros nos apetecía tomarnos algo.
We felt like drinking something.
A ustedes ¿ qué les apetece ?
And you, what do you feel like having?
¿Te apetece que alquilemos una peli y la veamos en mi casa?
Would you like that we rent a movie and we watch it in my place?
¿Te apetece que alquilemos una película y la veamos en mi casa?
Would you like to rent a movie and watch it in my place?
¿Te apetecería comer algo dulce?
Would you like to eat something sweet?
Me apetece comer algo calentito.
I would like to eat something a little hot.
¿Que no te apetece salir? Pues no salgas.
You don't feel like going out? Well, don't.
Me apetece un helado.
I feel like an ice cream.
A mi no me apetece el pulpo.
I'm really not fond (no apetecer) of octopus (el pulpo).
María dice que a ti no te apetece el pulpo.
Mary says that you're not really fond of octopus.
A Juan no le apetece el pulpo.
John really isn't fond of octopus.
¿Te apetece salir?
Do you feel like going out?
A nosotros no nos apetece el pulpo.
We really aren't fond of octopus.
Las muchachas dicen que a ellas no les apetece el pulpo.
The girls say that they really aren't fond of octopus.
Nos apetece salir.
We feel like going out.
¿Le apetece bailar?
Would you like to dance?
¿Te apetece ver una película romántica?
Would you like to see a romantic movie?
¿Le apetece bailar?
Would you like to dance?
No me apetece salir esta noche.
I don't feel like going out tonight.
Me apetecería tomar un chocolate caliente.
I'd like to have a hot chocolate.
Me apetece tomar un vino fino.
I feel like drinking a fine wine.
No me apetecía salir a bailar.
I didn't fancy going out to dance.
¿Te apetece un helado?
Do you feel like an ice cream?

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