Spanish Verb Conjugation - ayer  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: ayer
English Translation: yesterday
We're sorry, but this verb has not been conjugated yet.

Translated sentences containing 'ayer'

No almorcé ayer.
I didn't eat lunch yesterday.
Ellos regresaron ayer de Europa.
They returned yesterday from Europe.
¿Qué almorzaron ayer?
What did you all have for lunch yesterday?
Visité a María ayer.
I visited Mary yesterday.
Ellos jugaron fútbol ayer.
They played soccer yesterday.
Nosotros hablamos con el abogado ayer.
We spoke with the lawyer yesterday.
¿Pudiste ir a la tienda ayer?
Were you able to go to the store yesterday?
Acudimos a la cita ayer.
We went to the meeting yesterday
La tomó ayer.
He took it yesterday.
Luisa me llamó ayer.
Luisa called me yesterday.
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