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The "conditional progressive" mood is formed using the formula below:

conditional conjugation of estar + present participle = conditional progressive

The conditional conjugation of the verb estar is shown below:

estar (full conjugation)

yo estaría (I would be)
estarías (you would be)
él/ella/Ud estaría (he/she/you'd be)
nosotros (as) estaríamos (we would be)
vosotros (as) estaríais (you guys would be)
ellos/ellas/Uds estarían (they/you would be)

The present participle is formed from the infinitive of a verb by removing the (ar), (er), or (ir) ending and adding (ando) for (ar) verbs, and (iendo) for (er) and (ir) verbs:

hablar ---> hablando (speaking)
volver ---> volviendo (returning)

Example sentences:

Juan dijo que estaría esperándonos.
Juan said he would be waiting for us.

Estaría hablando en serio?
Would he be serious?

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