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The conditional tense is similar to the future tense - only twelve verbs are irregular. They are easy to remember because these twelve verbs are the same verbs that are irregular in the future tense.

Five irregular verbs drop the last e of the infinitive. One example is the verb saber (to know):

saber (full conjugation)

yo sabría (I would know)
sabrías (you would know)
Ud./él/ella sabría (you/he/she would know)
nosotros (as) sabríamos (we would know)
vosotros (as) sabríais (you guys would know)
Uds./ellos/ ellas sabrían (you all/they would know)

The verbs haber, poder, querer, and caber follow the same pattern.

Five other irregular verbs change the last vowel of the infinitive to the letter d. One example is the verb tener (to have):

tener (full conjugation)

yo tendría (I would have)
tendrías (you would have)
Ud./él/ella tendría (you/he/she would have)
nosotros (as) tendríamos (we would have)
vosotros (as) tendríais (you guys would have)
Uds./ellos/ ellas tendrían (you all/they would have)

The verbs salir, venir, valer, and poner follow the same pattern.

The two remaining irregular verbs are shown below:

hacer (full conjugation)

yo haría (I would do)
harías (you would do)
Ud/él/ella haría (you/he/she would do)
nosotros (as) haríamos (we would do)
vosotros (as) haríais (you would do)
Uds/ellos/ellas harían (you all/they would do)


Haríamos la tarea ahora si nos ayudaras.
We would do the homework now if you helped us.

decir (full conjugation)

yo diría (I would say)
dirías (you would say)
Ud/él/ella diría (you/he/she would say)
nosotros (as) diríamos (we would say)
vosotros (as) diríais (you would say)
Uds/ellos/ellas dirían (you all/they would say)


Si lo oyeras, no dirías eso.
If you heard him, you wouldn't say that.

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