Spanish Word for glad  

English Word: glad

Spanish Word: contento, alegre, feliz
The Spanish Word for glad
Now you know how to say glad in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'glad'
I am glad that you have come.
Me alegro de que hayas venido.
I'm glad you are satisfied with the help you received today.
Me alegra que usted esté satisfecho con la ayuda que recibió hoy.
I'm glad that you all have had fun in the movies.
Me agrada que ustedes se hayan divertido en el cine.
Aren't you glad you came?
¿No te alegras de haber venido?
I'm glad that Sofía has bought the cake.
Me agrada que Sofía haya comprado el pastel.
I'm glad that she has given a watch to dad.
Me agrada que ella haya regalado un reloj a papá.
I'm so glad that you have been able to come.
Me alegro de que hayas podido venir.
I'm very glad we don't owe anybody anything anymore.
Me da mucho gusto que ya no le debamos nada a nadie.
Aren't you glad that Elisa and David are so happy?
¿No te alegras de que Elisa y David sean tan felices?
We're very glad that you can stay for another week.
Nos alegra mucho que ustedes puedan quedarse otra semana más.
We're very glad that you were able to stay for another week.
Nos alegra mucho que ustedes hayan podido quedarse otra semana más.
I am glad that you tell the truth.
Me alegro (de) que digan la verdad.
We are glad that you have taken a cruise.
Nos gusta que usted haya tomado un crucero.
I'm glad she (has) arrived.
Me alegro de que ella haya llegado.
I am glad that
Estoy contento de que
I am glad the judge believed her.
Me alegro que el juez le haya creído.
I am glad to see you.
Nos alegro de verte.

I am very glad about that.
Ello me complace mucho.
I would be glad if you were to do so.
Me gustaría que lo hiciera.
I am glad about that.
Por lo cual me congratulo.
We are glad you are here.
Nos complace que esté aquí.
We should be glad about that.
Deberíamos alegrarnos.
I am glad that they have.
Me alegra que lo hiciesen.
We are glad to do this.
Lo hacemos con mucho gusto.
I would be glad if this were so.
Yo me alegraría de que así fuese.
We are glad of that.
Nos alegramos de ello.
I am glad that this is what has happened.
Estoy satisfecho de que esto sea lo que ha sucedido.
I am glad that it has done so.
Me alegro de que lo haya hecho.
I am glad that has been tackled.
Me alegra que haya sido abordado.
Personally, I am glad about it.
Personalmente, estoy contento con ello.
I am glad that we have been able to do this.
Me complace que hayamos conseguido esto.
That is very important, and I am very glad of it.
Esto es muy importante y realmente me complace.
It is welcome and I am glad about it.
Lo cual es muy de agradecer y me congratulo por ello.
I am glad we have done it.
Me complace que lo hayamos hecho.
This has been done and we are glad.
Se ha hecho y nos alegramos de ello.
But, unlike him, I am glad about that.
Pero, al contrario que a él, a mí eso me alegra.
I would be glad to hear more about this.
Me gustaría oír algo más a este respecto.
So there are things to be glad about.
Existen, por tanto, cosas de las que alegrarse.
We are very glad to see you.
Estamos muy contentos de verle.
We are very glad to see you.
Nos alegra mucho verle.
I am glad that I am speaking after him.
Me alegra poder intervenir después de él.
I should be glad to know.
Le agradecería que me diera una respuesta.
We should be glad to know about that.
Nos gustaría saberlo.
I am glad it has been rejected.
Me alegro de que se haya rechazado.
I am glad they were defeated.
Me alegro de que se les haya derrotado.
I am glad that it has been abandoned and I am glad that my country was among those who contributed to this.
Me alegro de que se haya desechado y celebro que mi país se contara entre los que contribuyeron a ello.
I am glad that this point is made in the report.
Me alegra que se incluya este punto en el informe.
I am glad the Commissioner stressed these.
Me alegra que el Sr. Comisario haya hecho hincapié en dichos criterios.
I am glad that this one has gone smoothly.
Celebro que ésta haya ido bien.
I am glad for that reason that we are having the vote today.
Por esa razón, me alegro de que celebremos la votación hoy.
We will be glad to support you on this.
Le apoyamos gustosamente.
I am glad that the role of the SMEs has been acknowledged.
El papel de las PYME se ha tenido en cuenta, lo que es bueno.
I am glad to have the opportunity to explain my amendment.
Me alegra tener la oportunidad de explicar mi enmienda.
I bet you are really glad to be here.
Apuesto a que se alegra realmente de estar aquí.
I am glad that it is taking place.
Me congratulo de que ésta haya tenido lugar.
I am glad that is the final result.
Celebro que este haya sido el resultado final.
I am very glad to be able to do so, and congratulate the rapporteur.
Me alegra mucho que a pesar de ello pueda hacerlo y felicito al ponente.
I am glad he has not repeated that tonight.
Me alegra que no lo haya repetido esta noche.
I am very glad that the Commission accepts this.
Estoy muy satisfecho de que la Comisión lo acepte.
I am very glad that our committee has come to that conclusion.
Me satisface enormemente que nuestra comisión haya llegado a esa conclusión.
That is why I am very glad that the amendment was rejected.
Por ello me complace que la enmienda fuese rechazada.
So I am glad that we have chosen the Latin word.
Por lo tanto, me alegra mucho que hayamos elegido la palabra latina.
I am glad that attention has been given to this in the report.
Me alegra que este informe haya prestado atención a este aspecto.
I am very glad that this issue is on today's agenda.
Me complace mucho que esta cuestión se haya incluido en el orden del día de hoy.
Mr President, I am very glad to be here this evening.
Señor Presidente, me complace mucho estar aquí esta noche.
I am very glad to have a constituency office there.
Estoy encantado de decir que tengo una oficina electoral en esa ciudad.
I am very glad that representatives of the Council are here.
Me alegro de que los representantes del Consejo estén aquí.
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