Spanish Word for downtown  

English Word: downtown

Spanish Word: centro de la ciudad
The Spanish Word for downtown
Now you know how to say downtown in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'downtown'
How much is a ride from downtown to the Modern Art Museum?
¿Cuánto cuesta el viaje del centro al Museo de Arte Moderno?
He probably went downtown.
Ha de haber ido al centro.
I had lunch downtown the day before yesterday.
Almorcé en el centro anteayer.
We got lost downtown.
Nos perdimos en el centro.
Provided that you come soon, we can go downtown.
Con tal de que vengas pronto, podremos ir al centro.
The professor has an apartment downtown.
El profesor tiene un apartamento en el centro.
Although the apartment is far from downtown, I like it.
Aunque el piso esté lejos del centro, me gusta.
How do I get downtown?
¿Cómo puedo llegar a al centro?
You must go to the downtown branch.
Usted debe ir a la sucursal del centro.
John said that you would have taken us downtown if your dad had lent you the car.
Juan dijo que tú nos habrías llevado al centro si tu papá te hubiera prestado el carro.
Although it's pretty, it's too far from downtown.
Aunque sea bonito, está demasiado lejos del centro.
Although it's in downtown, it's very calm.
Aunque esté en el centro, es muy tranquilo.
The house is located three blocks from downtown on a quiet side street.
La casa está ubicada a tres cuadras del centro en un callejón tranquilo.
We went downtown for a walk.
Fuimos a dar un paseo al centro.
What streetcar did you used to take when you went downtown?
¿Qué tranvía tomaban Uds. cuando iban al centro?
The city's downtown is full of skyscrapers.
El centro de la ciudad está lleno de rascacielos.
The house is located three blocks from downtown on a quiet side street.
La casa está ubicada a tres cuadras del centro, en un callejón tranquilo.
I met Aunt Graciela downtown the other day.
Encontré a mi tía Graciela en el centro el otro dia.
I looked for the medicine in all the downtown drugstores.
Busqué la medicina en todas las farmacias del centro.
We are about to visit Bolívar's tomb in downtown Caracas.
Estamos por visitar la tumba de Bolívar en el centro de Caracas.

On the night of 26 April, however, riots broke out in the downtown area, and these later spread to some border cities where, however, they were less severe.
Sin embargo, en la noche del 26 de abril, estallaron disturbios en el centro y se propagaron después a algunas ciudades fronterizas, donde fueron menos graves.
   Mr President, this House should be proud that last week its MEPs were amongst the first foreigners to address the assembled crowds in Independence Square in downtown Kiev.
   – Señor Presidente, esta Cámara debería sentirse orgullosa de que la semana pasada sus diputados estuvieran entre los primeros extranjeros en dirigirse a la multitud reunida en la Plaza de la Independencia en el centro de Kiev.
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