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Step 1

Reflexive pronouns are used when one is doing something to oneself.

me myself
te yourself
se himself, herself, itself
se yourself (formal)
nos ourselves, each other
os yourselves, each other  used in Spain
se themselves, each other
se yourselves (formal)

Nonreflexive Form
Lavo la cabeza de mi hijo.
I wash my son's head.

Reflexive Form
Me lavo las manos.
I wash my hands.

Él se lava.
      He washes himself.
Ellos se lavan las manos.
      They wash their hands.
Yo me baño rápido.
      I bathe quickly.
Tú no te peinas bien.
      You don't comb your hair well.
Ella se viste.
      She dresses herself.
Él se pone el abrigo.
      He puts the coat on.
Me cepillo el cabello todas las noches.
      I brush my hair every night.
Ella nunca se pinta las uñas.
      She never paints her nails.

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