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Step 1


Step 1

Articles are more common in Spanish than in English. In English, some examples of articles are: “the” (definite), “a”, “an” and "some" (indefinite).

In Spanish, there are 4 definite articles (“the”). Definite articles refer to a specific person or thing.

    el – the (masculine singular)
    la – the (feminine singular)
    los - the (masculine plural)
    las - the (feminine plural)

Don't confuse...
el - the
él - he
Notice the accent!

El hombre está aquí.
   The man is here.
La niña está contenta.
   The girl is happy.
Los niños están en la sala.
   The children are in the living room.
Las señoras no están en España.
   The women are not in Spain.

está means is
están means are

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