Celebrating Israeli Independence Day in BA  

Title: Celebrating Israeli Independence Day in BA
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday 2nd May- Israeli Independence Day. some of us get ivited to the only israeli party in Buenos Aires. A bar called KANDI, with dance floor in the back...playinn Iraeli rock and techno...all the Israelis singing along to all their familiar songs... Wednesday 3rd May- took a class in tango...admittedly I was by far the best male there!!! Guys cant dance!!! Went back to Milion to have drinks with my hot ex Spanish teacher from Bariloche. She is back in Buenos Aires for her birthday and invited all her students that were visiting Buenos Aires. Thursday 4th May- went out with my new friend Hernan to his friend´s house party...i was the only foreigner...group of 20 of us, drinking, chattin..in SPANISH!!! Eating empanadas...danced tango, salsa...even belly dancing...one girl had been taking lessons and they had some arabic music there!!! then went out with them to a bar called UNICO...great going out with the locals. this culture is so beautiful, intelligent and cultured people!! I love it!!! Friday 5th MAy- clubbed at SUNSET. With a half naked show on stage...this was a hot club...what seemed like 100 rooms of dancing...this city is preoccupied with sex and sensuality!! Saturday 6th- my body needed a break, my liver nedded detox, and my savings needed saving!!! sorry there is so much detail, but i felt i needed to describe it to you to give you the sense of what goes on here in this city... the locals party like this, then go to work, and sleep to wake up and do it again!!! Have spent so much money here..its so easy...but I've had the best time!! It's a great thing that I ´HAVE TO´ come back here two more times during this holiday!!! Definitely will be staying at Milhouse!! WHEN NOT CLUBBING... I have also managed to do some touristy things...saw some museums, visited the zoo, visited Evita´s grave, took more Spanish classes in an immersion program... walked around and absorbed the city! The city is beautiful...every alley way, every door entry is reminiscent of old age european beauty...its something that we lack back in australia... Classes were great too. Very helpful and practical. How do you think I talked to all these partiers?! oh and i went and saw two separate soccer/football matches!! River plata(Argentina) vs corinthians (Brazil)...am a fan of this sport now!!! I loved the experience.. we sat with the locals. The whole match we would be up jumping up and down like monkeys, cheering on with them. There would be streamers everywhere...little kids no older than 5 would know all the chants off by heart...you would feel the emotion when the other team gets a goal, and would get goose bumps from exhilaration when the Argentinean team would score...the stands were packed, the atmosphere indescribable!! Loved it so much that I went and saw another match a few days later!!!

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