On our way to Maria's wedding  

Title: On our way to Maria's wedding
Location: Granada, Spain

As you all know Kathleen and I are in France right now and we are having a great time. We’ll be leaving for Spain tomorrow. We are going to Maria’s wedding in Granada, Spain. First we’ll be stopping in Madrid to visit cousin, Henry. I cannot believe that he has been there for 5 years!!! It is good for us though. He said to have learned a lot about the city and he is promising a grand tour of Madrid. We are both very excited about such an expirience. By the way, our Spanish is ready. Kathleen found http://www.nulengua.com/ this is website with one on one tutoring. I wasn’t too excited about doing homework after work three nights a week, but it paid off. I couldn’t believe how the Spanish I learned in college was quickly coming back. Thanks darling! After Maria’s wedding, we are heading towards La Herradura, this is on the Costa Tropical. This place is highly recommended by Pepe, Maria’s father. He was born and raised there and he said that there is all kind of water activities that one can do. Kathleen researched it and she found out that they are big into windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, etc. We are really looking forward to that. We might just stay there and become “sun worshippers” ja, ja, ja…

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