BBQ Argentinian style  

Title: BBQ Argentinian style
Location: Cordoba, Argentina

On Saturday, the shops are closed during most of the day. It is those strange Spanish times to do things. So I mostly wondered around the city taking in the sites and taking photos. In the evening on Saturday, I was invited to a special dinner at my friend's house. He lives near the university campus. It of course started later then it was supposed to. We had sausages and bread, they really know how BBQ here. The sausages are a local specialty. We had lots of wine, champagne, etc. The house was really beautiful. It belongs to his parents. It had a lit pool and a beautiful garden. The rooms were very nice. His father travels for work so many of the things in the house were from all over south America, and Since Lorenzo is studying interior design and his mom is an architect, all things are nice and arranged beautifully. I met Carlos' Crazy uncle, they call him "Loco teto", he is a sweet old man. The party was interesting as far as the guests. The host who is all of 21, had mostly older people there. I was the next youngest besides him. The loco teto was about 65, 70. Most of the other people were in their 50´s and 60´s I am coming to realize that the age of friends and relatives here does not really matter here, it is more about the interests and what you have in common that builds the relationships. Or maybe it is just beba. Who knows. Her family´s kids all hang out at her place. It makes for a nice place to stay. At any rate, I listened to Spanish all night and was able to say a few things. One of the cats decided that I would make a nice bed and decided that I must miss Ezra so she was on my lap most of the evening. The evening dinner ended at 3 am. I did meet a woman at the party who wanted to arrange a camping trip with me, and go to a place a bit more remote. Only the locals know. I am so totally game. She will be getting back to me with her schedule. When we were drivng home, the bars were just opening, and the streets were busy. It seemed like the city had a different life, again. I however, went to bed. The next day, I went for coffee and met the "loco teto" in the streets he joined me for coffee and I tried to have a conversation in Spanish. He and Marcus went back to bebas and the Loco Teto made a great dinner, ok it was lunch. He is a wonderful cook. The lunches take some time here, actually most of the meals do. In the afternoon Marcus and I went walking to the Artistanas market, which they set up in the square, we were early of course. So we enjoyed a sidewalk cafe coffee, we later did some shopping and the stuff was pretty nice. Marcus was looking for specific antiques, they open those places on the weekend as well. The whole place was filled with people and the atmosphere was festive. I purchased one thing, then we went out for some dinner of course, too early at about 9. So the only place to go was the mall for food. It was fun to try to learn a few words in Spanish from Marcus however, I think he was actually getting better at his English. Then I returned home. I have been improving my Spanish by meeting all these nice people, socializing, and going to my classes. Cordoba, Argentina is very nice. It's a great experience.

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