...a very pretty colonial city  

Title: ...a very pretty colonial city
Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

We arrived in cuenca, a colonial city in the south of Ecuador.. back at altitude! On our way we passed millions of bananas... for miles and miles! Cuenca is a really pretty colonial city with beautiful churches and buildings. There is loads surrounding it too, including Cajas national park with loads of lakes. We decided to do have some mountain adventures on the back of a horse.. it was really fun. We went through the mountains on horseback and could see amazing views. We stopped at the top of the mountain for lunch..It was really beautiful. Lue┬┤s horse was a bit naughty and would chose not to carry on.. and just stop! Mine was very rapido and would gallap.. no matter how much I shouted Alto.. he just wouldnt stop! The next day we went for some cycling adventures in the Park.. 42kms from 4300m to 3000m... so mostly down hill!! but still lots of fun. It was really interesting to see the landscape change so much, and become greener the lower down we got. Half way down we were treated to a secret dip in a hot spring. And lunch by the river! Really like Cuenca and Ecuador, its a really great city. We will be spending the next week or so getting to the capital city of Quito and seeing/climbing some of the 30+ volcanoes they have here.. even a couple of active ones. We will also be taking some Spanish classes here. We have taken them previously and they are coming in very handy right now.

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