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Spanish Word: acueste

English Translation: pres. subj. of [acostar]

Translated sentences containing 'acueste'
¡Mi papá quiere que me acueste a las diez!
My father wants me to go to bed at ten
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  Adán - Adam
  adelante - forward; [en --], henceforth
  además - moreover, besides
  adentro - within; [para sus --s], to himself
  adivinanza - riddle
  adonde - where, whither
  adorable - adorable, adored
  adorno - ornament
  adulto,adulta - m. and adult, grown-up
  adversidad - adversity, misfortune
  advertencia - remark
  advierto - pres. of [advertir]
  advirtió - past abs. of [advertir]
  afablemente - affably
  afecto - affection
  afición - fondness
  aficionado,aficionada - fond
  afilado,afilada - sharp
  afortunadamente - happily, fortunately
  afortunado,afortunada - fortunate

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