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The verbs that are conjugated accompanied by a reflexive pronoun are called pronominal verbs. There are four different types:

    reflexive verbs [ full lesson ]

    Yo me lavo la boca.
    I wash my mouth.
    Él se peina.
    He combs his hair.
    Ella se baña con agua fría.
    She showers with cold water.

    pronominal verbs [ full lesson ]

    ¡Adiós! Me voy a casa.
    Good bye! I'm going home.
    Mi papá nunca se enoja.
    My dad never gets angry.
    Hay un castigo si te portas mal.
    There is a punishment if you don't behave.

    quasireflexive passive verbs [ full lesson ]

    No se venden entradas el domingo.
    Tickets are not sold on Sundays.
    Se alquilan teléfonos portátiles.
    Portable telephones for rent.

    reciprocal verbs [ full lesson ]

    Mis padres se quieren.
    My parents love each other.
    Eugenia y Ana se hablan todos los días.
    Eugenia y Ana talk to each other every day.

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