Quizzes - Verb querer - Preterite Tense  

Preterite Tense Verb Querer - to want
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct form of querer and say the sentence.

Example: _____ divertirse. - They wanted to have some fun.

Answer: Quisieron divertirse.

1. _____ patear el balón, pero no fue posible.
I wanted to kick the soccer ball, but it wasn't possible.

2. _____ aprender gimnasia con uno de los mejores entrenadores.
We wanted to learn gymnastics with one of the best trainers.

3. _____ leer el periódico.
They wanted to read the paper.

4. ¿Lo _____ ellos también?
Did they want it too?

5. Yo _____ ir a la tienda pero Consuelo ______ ir al cine.
I wanted to go to the store but Consuelo wanted to go to the movies.

6. _____ estudiar inglés y yo ______ estudiar español.
They wanted to study English and I wanted to study Spanish.

7. _____ un lápiz pero me dio una pluma.
I wanted a pencil but he gave me a pen.

8. _____ comer pizza.
They wanted to eat pizza.

9. (Tú) ¿Qué _____ ?
What did you want?

10. Yo no _____ tenerlo.
I did not want to have it.

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Quiz 2
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