Quizzes - Verbs pedir & servir - Preterite Tense  

Preterite Tense Verb Pedir - Servir
Quiz 1

Fill in the blank with the correct form of pedir.

Example: Yo _____ una camisa roja. - I asked for a red shirt.

Respuesta: Yo pedí una camisa roja.

1. Juan _____ un vaso con agua.
John asked for a glass of water.

2. Yo _____ una televisión.
I asked for a television.

3. (Tú)¿ _____ un vaso de agua?
Did you ask for a glass of water?

4. _____ claridad a los conferencistas.
We asked the conference panel for clarity.

5. Ellos _____ bicicletas blancas.
They asked for white bicycles.

6. ¿Qué _____ Juan?
What did John order?

7. _____ un préstamo para montar nuestro negocio.
We got a loan to get our business up and running.

8. Tú _____ zapatos negros.
You asked for black shoes.

9. Ellos _____ libros para leer.
They asked for books to read.

10. Rosa _____ un sándwich de pavo.
Rosa ordered a turkey sandwich.

11. No, no le _____ .
No, we didn't ask him.

12. Como tú _____ carne, yo también.
Since you asked for meat, so did I.

13. Era un lunes cuando me _____ que nos casáramos.
It was Monday when he asked me to marry him.

14. Él me _____ los boletos.
He asked for the tickets.

15. Yo _____ un lapicero rojo.
I asked for a red pen.

16. Nosotros _____ carros nuevos.
We asked for new cars.

17. Jamás pondrán las paredes que _____ .
They will never put the walls that we requested.

18. ¿Le _____ ustedes dinero a su tío?
Did you ask your uncle for money?

19. (Tú)¿ _____ un lápiz?
Did you asked for a pencil?

20. ¿Hiciste lo que te _____ hacer? Si, lo hice.
Did you do what I asked you to do? Yes, I did it.

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Quiz 2
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