Numeral and Indefinite Adjectives  

Grammar Spanish Adjectives Numeral and Indefinite Adjectives

There are two other types of determinative adjectives which indicate the extension of the noun they are qualifying. They are called numeral (one apple, five balls), and indefinite (some girls, each student) adjectives.

Examples of numeral adjectives:

Yo tengo dos perros.
I have two dogs.
cinco casas
five houses
Es el primer día de clases.
It's the first day of class.
Tome la segunda calle a la derecha.
Take the second street on the right.

Examples of indefinite adjectives:

¿Está tomando algún medicamento?
Are you taking any medication?
Cada mano tiene cinco dedos.
Each hand has five fingers.
Hace varios días.
Several days ago.
¿Tienen algunos postres de chocolate?.
Do you have any chocolate desserts?

Notice that adjectives agree with noun in gender and number, with the exception of some numeral adjectives: seis gatos (six cats), diez pesos (ten pesos).

algunos niños - some boys
algunas niñas - some girls
el primer ganador - the first winner
los primeros ganadores - the first winners

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