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While traveling in Spanish speaking countries, you will interact with Spanish speaking staff. Below you will find useful Spanish phrases with audio mp3 files to help you with pronunciation. In addition, the tabs on the left will provide you with flashcards, quizzes and Spanish dialogues which will assist you in communicating with the hotel staff.

I would like a price quote for a room.
Quisiera cotizar el precio de una habitación.

What amenities does the hotel have?
¿Qué comodidades tiene el hotel?

Does the hotel have internet access?
¿Tiene el hotel acceso a internet?

How close is the hotel to ______?
¿Qué tan cerca queda el hotel de ______?

What time may I check in?
¿A qué hora puedo registrarme?

Does the hotel offer free parking?
¿Ofrece el hotel estacionamiento gratuito?

I have spoken with the hotel's manager about the reservation.
Yo he hablado con el gerente del hotel de la reservación.

Would you tell me how to arrive to the hotel from the airport?
¿Podría decirme cómo llegar del aeropuerto al hotel?

She was staying in this hotel.
Ella estuvo hospedada en este hotel.

I have received the hotel bill.
Yo he recibido la cuenta del hotel.

We will not stay in this hotel.
No nos quedaremos en este hotel.

I'd like to check out.
Quiero dejar el hotel.

I'm going to leave (from) the hotel at one o'clock.
Yo voy a salir del hotel a la una.

I will leave the hotel at one o'clock.
Yo saldré del hotel a la una.

We are going to leave the hotel are one o'clock.
Nosotros vamos a salir del hotel a la una.

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