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A direct object is the element in the sentence that receives the action in a direct manner. It answers the question "what?" and it could be replaced by la, lo, las, los.

Papá trajo una libreta a Camilia.
Dad brought a notebook to Camilia.
What did dad bring? a notebook.

Nosotros jugamos pelota.
We play ball.
What do we play? ball.

Other examples:

Diego compró flores a la abuela.
Diego bought flowers for grandma.

Raúl trajo al turista.
Raúl brought the tourist.

Carlos recibió un recuerdo.
Carlos received a souvenir.

Juana teje un suéter a su hermano.
Juana knits a sweater for he brother.

The direct object may also be compound. For example:

¿Sirven ustedes postres y café?
Do you serve desserts and coffee?

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