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Step 1


Step 1

One of the most valuable things you will learn in this course is Spanish introductions. There are many ways to introduce yourself in Spanish. Some are casual while others are more formal in tone. You never have a second chance to make a good first impression, so pay close attention to this lesson on Spanish introductions!


Me llamo María.
     My name is Maria.

Mucho gusto.
     Pleased to meet you. (casual)

     Delighted to meet you! (male)

     Delighted to meet you! (female)


Mi nombre es Isabel.
     My name is Isabel.

Mucho gusto, me llamo Patty.
     Nice to meet you, my name is Patty.

Estoy encantada de conocerla.
     I'm very pleased to meet you.

You should review the information presented here on introductions in Spanish until you understand it perfectly. Nothing is more important that making socially correct introductions in Spanish!

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