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Step 1


Step 1

Learning Spanish can be a pain...

To express you have pain in Spanish, you say:
me duele (common)
a mí me duele (more specific)

A mí me duele la garganta.
      My throat hurts.
Me duele el brazo.
      My arm hurts.
Me duele mucho el estómago.
      My stomach hurts a lot.
A mí me duelen los pies.
      My feet hurt.

The sentences above use the irregular verb doler.

The sentences below use the irregular verb tener.

Tengo dolor de cuello.
      I have pain in my neck.
Tengo dolor en el hombro.
      I have pain in my shoulder.
Tengo dolor de cabeza.
      I have pain in my head. (I have a headache)

dolor = pain

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