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Step 1


Step 1

Demonstrative Adjectives!
Demonstratives are the ones that identify something or somebody according to the distance in which they are. We will review the ones that are close to the person talking: este, esta, estos, estas.

Este vecindario.
      This neighborhood. (masculine singular)
Martille estos clavos.
      Hammer in these nails. (masculine plural)
Esta ciudad.
      This city. (feminine singular)
Comprar estas cosas.
      To buy these things. (feminine plural)
Este libro es bueno.
      This book is good. (masculine singular)
Estos platos son grandes.
      These plates are big. (masculine plural)
Esta pintura es muy bonita.
      This painting is very pretty. (feminine singular)
Estas flores son para ti.
      These flowers are for you. (feminine plural)

Don't confuse...
esta - this
está - he/she is
Notice the accent!

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Review and Expand!
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