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Step 1

Acabar de means to have just. The verb acabar alone means to finish, but when placed before the preposition de (of), the meaning changes.

yo acabo I have just
acabas you have just
Ud./él/ella acaba you/he/she has just
nosotros/as acabamos we have just
vosotros/as acabáis you guys have just
Uds./ellos/ellas acaban you all/they have just

Acabo de regresar de vacaciones.
      I've just returned from holiday (vacation).
Acabo de ver a Juan.
      I've just seen Juan.
Acabas de invitar a Pablo a cenar.
      You have just invited Pablo to have dinner.
Ejecute el programa que acaba de descargar.
      Execute the program you just downloaded.
Acabamos de ver la videoconferencia.
      We have just watched the videoconference.
Acaban de borrar la base de datos.
      They have just erased the database.

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