studying spanish and enjoying this city  

Title: studying spanish and enjoying this city
Location: Granada, Nicaragua

Buenas dias, how are you all doing? I am just great, still in Granada and this place is really starting to grow on me. I have moved to a third hostel now and I think I like this one the best, especially since it´s only 3 dollars a night and all the walls are covered in colourful artwork and poetry. Plus there is a mango tree in the courtyard that randomly drops yummy snacks. I do miss the pool at Hotel Oasis but you can´t have it all, right? Spanish school is going great, it's really helping. But today I found out the teachers only get 30% of what I pay and I am only paying 5 dollars an hour. That's nothing! I have four different teachers a day for an hour each. I´m learning a lot now and getting my grammar all sorted out. But it's so much to remember in such a short time, you really need months of studying everyday. The rains have started up somewhat, it's on and off but not everyday yet. It feels so good when it rains, it really cools down and it smells great. There is also crazy thunder and lightening storms at night, the thunder is extremely loud and I get a little scared sometimes. But don't worry, the heat is still intense and there is plenty of sun. I love it. The power usually goes off five or six times a night, it's pretty funny, the whole city just goes black. Then the dogs start scraping and the kids come out asking for money and selling. So I have just been hanging out and studying, I have a lot of homework everyday but it's good for me. I went to some live music the other night, some Spanish guitar with drumming. It was really good to see. I usually hit up the market for fresh fruit, veggies, and eggs, maybe hang out in the Parque Central because you always meet someone interesting there. I usually hang out at the hostel at night because they have really cheap good mojitos and a good mix of travelers and locals. I can't think of too much else to say right now, as usual I´m sure I am leaving lots out, but you get the idea.

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