The Nightlife of Buenos Aires  

Title: The Nightlife of Buenos Aires
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

I´ve spent in Buenos Aires 3 weeks, not because you really need so much time to see all the main attractions the city has to offer, but just because I had such a great time there and wanted to learn more Spanish. In the middle I'd left for Iguazu, only to return a few days later, because I've felt I hadn't exhausted Buenos yet, but Iguazu is a totally different story. Actually Buenos Aires is a huge city, with population of 3 million in the city itself, and around 12 million in the metropolitan, and when I first arrived to Buenos Aires I was astonished by its size - we went on a highway for about 40 minutes from the outskirts of the city till its center. But all the attractions are conveniently concentrated in its center, so you don't have to travel a lot to see them. For me Buenos was mostly the nightlife, which rocked, and was the best from the start of my trip. The only bad thing to say about it, is that in the middle of the week it's hard to find good discos, and most of the night life concentrates in the pubs. The discos here are simply amazing, by their size and quality. The funny thing was that locals go to the more stylish ones in formal clothes, so it´s very different from the discos back home - you could see here a lot of people dressed up in suits and night dresses. I've also met in Buenos some old friends, with whom I hanged out - Rick whom I've met totally by accident in Bariloche, without knowing he went to SA, and Sidney who finally made her way here from Israel / Italy, and had the pleasure to make some great new ones, especially my friend from Brazil, who helped me a lot. I met many new people with whom I practice my Spanish. I was pretty good at it actually, they commented on how fast I learned. I guess these Spanish immersion classes really do work. The city itself is really nice - some areas of it are pretty green, others with interesting architecture, every one has it's own characteristic and character - * The Micro Centro with some interesting obelisks * La Boca which is famous for the best football team in Argentina, colorful buildings, but which is at the same time the poorer and the more dangerous one. * Recoleta for its spectacular graveyard, where each grave is almost a palace * San Telmo the oldest, and with the most interesting architecture * Puerto Madero as the port of Buenos * Palermo for the night life

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