Using our Spanish  

Title: Using our Spanish
Location: Cordoba, Argentina

So, we got to Cordoba - second largest city in argentina, and considered by argentine´s (more specifically Cordoban´s) as the centre of argentine culture. The previous day, our last day in BA, we went to Mary´s second cousine´s John´s place to meet Julie one last time as Julie´s place was getting painted. The original agreed time of 11:00 was cut short on Sunday morning, when Julie phoned us stating that she'll be at the hotel at 10:00. The time was 9:15. after frantic packing of both my stuff and Mary´s, we were able to check out and pay and were able to be on time to meet Julie. The day was spent going over family history, and old photos. One thing that stood out that afternoon was Julie, who never drank asking for el pochina (a small glass of wine), which I interpreted after several glasses of vino as being Al Pacino. Getting here was a pleasant surprise for Debbie who has never experienced argentine bus lines. That night we slept in the 'cama' section, which is full of sleeping and props and the bus attendant who asked anyone if they wanted a nightcap of whiskey. Alcoholism must be the hidden beast of the argentine culture, but I declined saying to myself that next time, I will not refuse. Another thing I´m worried about is if I fall asleep on the bus, I hope that I do not snore to the discomfort of the other passengers. So Cordoba is to be a great centre of learning. When we arrived there was nothing but rain, however we were able to book ourselves into the Hotel de la Cañada (which I found the name as more than amusing). Then the sun came out with a vengence. The day was spent wandering around town, consequentially a non travel thing that is happening at this moment is that there is this kid in the cafe with a really annoying drone doing something on the computer. after futher investigation i see that he has earphones on and is singing. sorry for the interuption. So the next day we went out to the pool where I proceeded to burn myself on the knees of all places first. I don´t even know where to start, just that the first rays of hot sunshine addled me. My second sunburn was on my chest, which with the tan line of my necklace in reference to my nipple from my perspective represented a sad face. i came into the room with this realization and spoke to my wife ´I´m a lobster´. The heat addled me to my core, and so the rest of the time was spent walking, drinking, and seeing this lovely cathedral on our last day. We used our Spanish, which was improving daily, in restaurants and with many people we met. Cordoba is a delightful place, and my wife thinks so too.

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