Visiting a friend I met in Spain  

Title: Visiting a friend I met in Spain
Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico

Another day in Mexico city, however, today I'm traveling to Cuernavaca. I'm meeting Juan Pablo, a guy that I met while traveling trough Spain. He was visiting his older brother in Barcelona. We became goo friends and today I'll visit him in his native city. When I arrived, I realized how stunningly beautiful Cuernavaca is. I met Juan Pablo at a small restaurant. He said that we'll meet his girlsfriend later. She had errands to run and could not join us for lunch. Too bad the food was delicious. Juan Pablo commented on the improvement of my Spanish. I have been taking Spanish lessons. : ) Juan Pablo, is still his calm, reflective self, now focused on studying medicine and making a difference in the world by caring for people who don’t normally have access to proper health care. I beleive he will be an excellent doctor. In the eveniing I met Juan Pablo's girlfriend, an architect student. She is very friendly and very intelligent. I feel like my family here is growing. : ) She suggested I take some Spanish lessons right here in Cuernava. It doesn't sound bad. :)

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