Enjoying a walk in Cordoba's old town  

Title: Enjoying a walk in Cordoba's old town
Location: Cordoba, Argentina

My friend and I spent 3 days in the lovely town of Cordoba, Argentina. After taking an overnight bus from Salta we stayed in a hostel with our Irish friends. The hostel was a bit out of the main area but the owners and the place more than made up for it. We spent the first day walking around the plazas and main areas in the old town. The city was quite different because there were modern high rises all over the outer areas (still built with bricks and covered with a stucco) and there are over one million residents in the city. The first night, our hostel had a traditional Argentinean parilla (or bbq with every kind of meat, chicken and sausage) which was great!!! After travelling the night before and walking all day, my friend and I were definitely hungry! We were not disappointed and in the course of eating all of the food and drinking our fair share of cerveza y vino I decided that I would join our Irish duo and a couple from Israel the next day and skydive in Argentina! With the support of my friend, they called and added one more for the Easter Sunday skydive! I have been able to use my Spanish almost everywhere, with Argentinians. People in Cordoba are very nice, and I love my Spanish classes!

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