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Spanish Word: experiencia

English Translation: experience

Translated sentences containing 'experiencia'
Cuando la escuché contar su experiencia, me entraron ganas de viajar a Nueva Zelanda.
When I heard her telling of her experience, I had a desire to travel to New Zealand.
Tuvieron más experiencia en los momentos clave.
They had more experience in the key moments.
Su nivel de estudios suplirá su falta de experiencia.
His level of study will make up for his lack of experience.
¿Tienes experiencia en este campo?
Do you have experience in this field?
¿Tienes experiencia en trabajos en entornos internacionales?
Do you have experience of working in international environments?
Puedo hablar por experiencia.
I am able to speak from experience.
Tengo experiencia de ello.
We have seen that before.
Hablo por experiencia propia.
That is a personal experience.
No podemos ignorar su experiencia.
Their experience cannot be ignored.
Es una buena experiencia.
It is a good thing.
Aprovechemos su experiencia.
Let us benefit from his experience.
Europa no carece de experiencia.
Europe is not short of expertise.
Nunca olvidaré mi experiencia.
I will never forget what I experienced.
Deberíamos aprovechar esta experiencia.
We ought to draw on this experience.
Aportemos nuestra experiencia europea.
Let us bring to bear our collective European experience.
En Europa no tenemos experiencia.
We do not have a great deal of experience of this in Europe.
Debemos ahora adquirir experiencia.
We now have to gather experience.
Deberíamos aprender de esa experiencia.
We should learn from that experience.
Ya tenemos experiencia del mercado.
We all know the ways of the market.
Usted ha acumulado mucha experiencia.
You have gained a great deal of experience.
Fue una experiencia muy extraña.
It was very strange to experience.
Fue una experiencia muy positiva.
That was a great and positive experience.
Puedo hablar por experiencia propia.
I can speak from my own experience.
Su experiencia será muy valiosa.
Their expertise will be very valuable.
Tengo experiencia personal al respecto.
I have personal experience of this.
La experiencia ha sido buena.
The experience was a good one.
Nosotros no tenemos la experiencia necesaria.
We do not have the expertise.
Tenemos experiencia en estas áreas.
We have experience in these areas.
Esta fue también mi experiencia.
This was also my experience.
Necesitamos a alguien con más experiencia.
We need someone more experienced.
Y esa es la experiencia.
That is the truth of it.
Tenemos experiencia en los cambios.
We have experience of transformation.
Recordemos la experiencia de Maastricht.
We should remember the experience of Maastricht.
Dejan de lado toda experiencia.
They fly in the face of all experience.
Yo he tenido la misma experiencia.
I have had the same experience.
Estas personas no tienen ninguna experiencia.
These people have no experience.
Lo que da cierta experiencia.
That gives me some experience.
Ésa fue la experiencia positiva.
That was the happy experience.
Ahora tenemos, a mi juicio, la experiencia suficiente.
I believe that we now have sufficient experience, but we must not delude ourselves.
En Alemania tenemos experiencia en este ámbito.
We have some experience of this in Germany.
¿Podemos aprovechar por ejemplo esta experiencia?
Might we perhaps put this experience to use?
Así nos lo dice la experiencia.
This is what experience tells us.
Nuestra experiencia nos dice que son ciertos.
We know they are true from our experience.
Y eso lo sabemos por experiencia propia.
This is on top of our own experiences.
Tengo alguna experiencia en temas medioambientales.
I have some experience of environmental issues.
La experiencia no ha planteado grandes problemas.
Experience has not brought any major problems to light.
¿Qué experiencia hemos tenido desde 1996?
What experience have we had since 1996?
Es una Europa de valores y experiencia.
It is a Europe of values and experience.
La experiencia adquirida varía en cierto modo.
The experience acquired varied somewhat.
Se lo decimos por experiencia propia.
They are produced and directed at you in the light of our own experiences.
Europa debe aprender de la experiencia.
Europe needs to learn from experience.
Yo mismo tengo experiencia de esto.
I have personal experience of this.
Esta sesión no es nuestra primera experiencia juntos.
This session is not our first experience together.
Tienen experiencia, son competentes y buenas personas.
They are very experienced, skilful, good people.
La experiencia ha sido muy agradable.
The experience has been enormously rewarding.
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