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Spanish Word: Alfonso

English Translation: Alfonso XIII, King of Spain

Translated sentences containing 'Alfonso'
Alfonso no se calla nada.
Alfonso doesn't keep anything to heimself.
Alfonso siempre se enferma cuando viaja.
Alfonso always gets sick when he travels.
¿Habrá nacido ya el bebé de Nuria y Alfonso?
Will Nuria and Alfonso's baby have been born already?
Don Alfonso dejó un recado para Ud.
Don Alfonso left a message for you.
¿A cuántas clases habrá faltado Alfonso este mes?
How many classes do you think Alfonso has missed this month?
(09078/2006 - C6-0191/2006 - 2004/0166(AVC)) (Ponente: Alfonso Andria) (A6-0226/2006),
(09078/2006 – C6-0191/2006 – 2004/0166(AVC)) (Rapporteur: Alfonso Andria) (A6-0226/2006),
Señor Presidente, yo quisiera en primer lugar felicitar a los ponentes Pollack, Napoletano y Alfonso Novo por los informes que presentan hoy.
Mr President, I would firstly like to congratulate the rapporteurs, Mrs Pollack, Mrs Napoletano and Alfonso Novo, for the reports they are presenting today.
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