Use of Spanish Articles  

Spanish Grammar Definite and Indefinite Articles
Spanish Articles are used...
with abstract nouns
    La pobreza es un grave problema.
    Poverty is a serious problem.
with titles of people
    El señor López abrió la conferencia.
    Mister López opened the conference.
with infinitives used as nouns
    El practicar deporte es bueno para la salud.
    Practising sports is good for your health.
with nouns listed in a series
    Tengo el libro, el cuaderno y el diccionario.
    I have the book, notebook and dictionary.
with a noun of weight or measure
    Las naranjas cuestan tres Euros el kilo.
    The oranges cost three Euros per kilo.
with days of the week
    El curso de español empieza el lunes.
    The Spanish course starts on Monday.
when telling the time
    Son las doce.
    It is twelve o'clock.
with parts of the body or clothes
    Voy a lavarme las manos.
    I'm going to wash my hands.
to generalize
    Los españoles se acuestan tarde.
    Spanish people go to bed late.

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