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Quiz 1

Fill in the missing words using había or hubo. In some cases both can be used.

Example: ¿_____ tamales en la fiesta? - Were there tamales at the party?

Answer: ¿Hubo tamales en la fiesta?

1. Sí, _____ tamales.
Yes, there were tamales.

2. ¿ _____ testigos en la calle?
Were there witnesses on the street?

3. No, no _____ testigos.
No, there were no witnesses.

4. _____ un problema al meter la llave.
There was a problem while inserting the key.

5. _____ muchos libros en la biblioteca.
There were many books in the library.

6. ¿ _____ mucha sangre?
Was there a lot of blood?

7. Señorita, ¿ _____ manzanas cuando fuiste?
Miss, were there apples when you went there?

8. _____ un libro encima de la mesa.
There used to be a book on the table.

9. ¿ _____ camisas más baratas?
Were there cheaper shirts?

10. _____ muchos problemas.
There used to be many problems.

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Quiz 2
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