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Xalapa, Mexico
Students Referred: 1164
Instructions & Pricing
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
School Size: Medium
Deposit or Fee: US $50.00

Individual Instruction
- Hourly Cost: US $12.00

Class Instruction
- Class Size: 5 to 9 students
- Hours per Week: 20
- Weekly Cost: US $100 - $199
- Min. Weeks Study: 2

  • Live w/ Family
  • Share Apartment
  • Private Apartment
  • Dorm or B&B
  • Internet at School
  • Internet Cafes

El idioma español o castellano es una lengua romance del grupo ibérico. Lo hablan como primera y segunda lengua entre 450 y 500 millones de personas, pudiendo ser la tercera lengua más hablada considerando los que lo hablan como primera y segunda lengua.

Do you want to learn Spanish in wonderful Xalapa, Mexico? Come to our Spanish program and study the language with our Spanish tutors.

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Popular Phrase: 1 2 3 teach | Rosetta Stone Spanish | Conjugated Verb: progresar - to progress [ click for full conjugation ]